torsdag 15. august 2013

My old Norwegian dinnerplates

and some other old stonegoods <3
I promise the 17 year old !! boy Marcel Trojanovski from Germany, who are fabulouse on vintage, to show my old Norwegian Dinnerplates and some other old things...this are from Egersund and vuyed from Fretex in Harstad severel years ago. My grandmother have the same type when I was a little girl but I dont know where they are gone so I been looking all over to find some of this so I was so happy when I get this :o)))
All the tablecloth ar old as well and I found them on a garagemarket last year them as well <3 Take a look at he's beautiful blog called marcelsshabbyhome.blogspot and be thrilled <3

This have a mark under called "OLYMP" Not Norwegian I think but have a lovely patina <3

Deep plate with "gold" decor <3

Lovely dinnerplates <3

Soup-plate <3

Egersund...Norwegian stonegoods <3

An old terrin with ears and full of red cowberryes (tyttebær) <3

Love the patina on this old terrinn who was used for butter in the old days <3

I have also two terrins on the shelf in the citchen with flowers and ears <3

This is WERY old and have e beautiful patina...I use to have christmas flowers (narcises) and spring flowers in it :o))

Old dessert plates <3

An old cup with ears and plate <3

This old silver cutlers are buyd from Internet...I dont remember where from :/ I really love them and use they as often I can :o))

My beautiful pink flower from my little garden on the old white tablecoths wish all who's looking in to me a nice evening...hugs from the little red house in the forest <3

Carpe Diem
Grip Dagen

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